Erratic Skater Girl

Wicked Wahine Competition 05

Wicked Wahine Girl's Skate Competition-Lake Forest
Article and Pictures by Quynh Le

Oh my gosh!  There were so many cute little skatergrrrls at Etnie's skatepark. The grom
division was just too much fun. And what do you think of a 6 year doing a fakie ollie in a
6 foot bowl ?  She pulled it off and we're all's time go practice now.
So, that's how the day started at the Wicked Wahine Skate Competition ( .  Click on the website for more information of past and present
girl's skate events.
I must say, Bam-Bam, who founded the event is one organized lady. As a volunteer on
her staff, I can say she's doing a great job of promoting girl's skate contest with exceptional
organization and professionalism. That means that people who sponsor her events will
want to come back and provide future and further support for girl's skateboarding. Tylenol,
yeah Tylenol, that super powerful and rich medicine company, gave up $6200 dollars in
prize money for the PRO/AM division! $1000 dollars for first prize down to $200 for fifth place.
Not bad at all considering all the broken bones these pros go through to be as good as
they are.
So, the contest started at 9:00 AM and ended at 7:00 P.M. From the Beginner and Intermediate divisions, there were some great skating. Some girls drove from another
galaxy far, far away to compete as well.  It just shows that girl's skate events are necessary
for the girl's skateboarding movement to grow as everyone can come together as one
big  supportive community to promote and encourage girl's to skate.
Of special note is Gwen from Arizona.  She does old school powerslides in the combi-bowl
and rock-and-rolls off the highest part of the bowl.  Also, Amelia, from Arizona drove all the
way out to take the intermediate street contest by doing kickflips all over the place as if she
does them in her dreams...looks so easy for her! Alot of girls showed up doing all the basics
very well; ollies, airs, kickflips, boardslides, 50-50 grinds, and speed and flow.  Yeah, speed
and flow is so important in getting around a skatepark.
Finally, the PRO/AM bowl had some amazing new faces and of course the 13 yearl old phenom, Apryl Woodcock from Chino Hills.  She does scary, creative, fast, smooth tricks
and she's going in the history books already as one of the most talented girl skater in pool
and vert. Then a new face, Annie Sullivan from San Diego is so talented because she just
goes for new lines and tricks...a truly individual skater with her very own style.
And last was the PRO/AM street contest. 8 girls took the giant 50,000 square foot Etnie's skatepark with relentless barage of high level tricks I just knew I had to capture it on video
tape.  All the big bangers were out there, Elissa Steamer, Amy Caron, Vanessa Torres,
Stephanie Thomas, Mandy Eschmann, Ariel Lockshaw, and 13 year old phenom, Lacy
Baker.  Ariel tried a 180 Frontside ollie down a 11 stair and Amy locked on to a sweet
11 stair boardslide.  Elissa did crazy tricks off a 6 foot quarter pipe and Vanessa ollied to
nose wheelie up a giant ledge and a equally giant drop. Keena from Santa Cruz up north skated so effortlessly.  I actually thought she was a guy for a moment. What can I say, I'm totally jealous how good these skaters are.  Totally inspired to never stop skating and learning
and progressing...see you at the skateparks.
It's really rare to have what I consider the cream of the crop girl skaters out there all in one
giant, beautiful skatepark at Etnies. Thanks to Wicked Wahine for making it become reality.
The Final Results for PRO/AM BOWL:
1. Apryl Woodcock (Chino, CA) $1000
2. Annie Sullivan  ( San Diego, CA) $800
3. Nicole Zuck  (CA) $600
4. Holly Lyons (Carlsbad, CA) $400
5. Mandy Eschmann (Anahiem, CA) $200
The Final Results for PRO/AM STREET:
1. Vanessa Torres (CA) $1000
2. Amy Caron (Huntington Beach, CA) $800
3. Elissa Steamer (San Fran, CA) $600
4. Lacy Baker (CA) $400
5. Ariel Lockshaw (Yorba Linda, CA) $200

Pro/Am Street Finalists

Pro/Am Bowl Finalists

Melissa Dafno's Frontside Grind

Mandy Eschmann's Frontside Air

Lindsay Boardslide

Ariel Lockshaw 5th place winner