Erratic Skater Girl


Link Guide

____ __GIRL-BASED SITES_______
Features exclusive interviews of Vanessa Torres, Amy Caron, Van Nguyen, Alex White, Lauren Perkins, Lyn Z Adams Hawkins, and Jen O Brien. Also has photos on their "Girl Tour" and video clips of them. I love this site.
Features a beginner's guide, pics and vids and awesome trick tips that include video and step-by-step pictures. Also has the largest message board on the web.
Skateboard company representing a band of female skaters such as Van Nguyen, Faye Jaime, Jamie Sinift and more. Look out for their first female skate video "Going Nowhere Faster" coming out Winter 04.
<>The Skullz ****
Site is currently down. Another excellent site from some Aussy skater girls. Features fun and trick pictures of the gals and a few awesome videos.
The International Society of Skateboard Moms hosts an annual event called Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama. Barb, the founder, also has written a skate book.
Host annual Wicked Wahine Bowl Series aimed at promoting female skateboarding.
Links of skater girl sites and news articles. Great site for overall skate everything.
Girls skateboard co. and team. I help admin the site so check it out!
Shops and Mainstream
<>AKA: Girl Skater *****
Features bios on Vanessa Torres, Amy Caron, Jaime Reyes, and Monica Shaw including video clips. I love this site!
Sells girl boards and shirts. Features a list of skater girls from around the world.
Skateboards and skateboard apparel for girls. Also page on female skateboard events.
<> The House *****
Cheap brand name decks, wheels, trucks, clothing and shoes. Also features gear for wakeboarding, snowboarding, and windsurfing.
<> Blank Decks *****
Super cheap decks starting at $17! Also other cheap skatebaod gear also for super cheap prices.
Cheap Cheap Cheap Decks starting at $19.99 w/ griptape!
Magazine for skater, surfer, snowboard girls.
<> Check It Out ****
The only skater girl magazine.

Located in Manhatten Beach. Offers weekly after school skate programs with instructions from professional skaters like Alex White and guest instructors like Lisa Whitaker (the side project).
Offers sessions on certain days around the US to teach girls basic skating techniques.
_________FIND OUT__________
Seek info
________TRICK TIPS__________
<> *****
ok Tips and really good clips. Download them on your comp so you have a collection.
Has good tips, pics, and ok clips. Alot of higher level tricks than 
Has only a few very basic tips but heck it's from Lauren Mollica so right on! It's in the vid section of AKA: Girl Skater
<> Ramprage ****
Contains various basic, flatland, ramp tricks.
Interesting site that explores the physical science of ollies, midair maneuvers and the half-pipe pump.

<> Dr. Skateboard ***

                  HOW TO.....              
<> Griptape your own deck from Push Skate Magazine
<> Get a skatepark in your town from Skatepark Association of America
<> Build your own skatepark from
<> Get sponsored from
<> Make a skateboard video by Neil Chester
                MISC SITEs            
Schedule of skateboarding events and ranks from all of the events.
A nonprofit, youth-focused education, awareness, and fundraising foundation founded be Shannon Dunn, Tina Basich, and Lisa Hudson.
Features plans on mini ramps, quarter pipes, rails, fun boxes, and more...
Thinking of building a skatepark or want to start one? Go here for info.
Skateboarding related news, books, and web resources.