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'04 Vans Triple Crown - Ladies Street Finals

'04 Vans Triple Crown - Ladies Street Finals
Article by Lena N.
Clips from Quynn

Sept 24- The powers of female skateboarding have come together yet again but this time in Huntington Beach where it all started. This year was all about the progress female skaters have made in the past and what is to come in the future.  And when anyone even mentions the past and the present dominance of female skateboarding the name Elissa Steamer automatically comes to mind. Landing first place and $1,500 in the pocket, she pulled air tricks and flip tricks like they were nothing.  Like smoothly landing a kickflip off the box onto the ramp and pulling some air tricks on the quarter pipes. Her astute and confident persona is inspiring and the other skaters can only have R-E-S-P-E-C-T for her. 


Speaking of respect, the future looks good for female skateboarding with the likes of Vanessa Torres, Lauren Perkins and Amy Caron advancing their game the way they are.  Coming in second place and representing the OC, Vanessa Torres still dominates the floor pulling off technical grinds like fs and bs noseslides and grinding like mad on the 2 ft. street barrier. Her energy and hardcore style is definitely still there.


Lauren Perkins has absolutely upped her game by pulling a consistent flow of solid tricks and using the entire course in the one minute time interval that is given.  She pulled such tricks as boardslides, heelflips over the hip, and her best, solidly kickflipping up the 2 ft box. Thinking outside the box is one of the crucial elements of skateboarding and Amy Caron still got it.  Instead of ollying down a 4-5 ft staircase, she used the ramp and ollied UP the staircase and slid a landing.  Pure awesome.


There were some new pros I didn’t see last year too. Some “newpros” that totally blew me away were lil’ 10 year old Elizabeth Nieto and 15 year old Jessica Krause.  Nieto is seriously the cutest and hardcore skater girl I have ever seen.  She heelflips over the gap, boardslides, and 50-50's like girls twice her age and what’s most impressive is that she solidly lands almost all her tricks.  If she keeps progressing the way she is, Nieto is going to be the biggest thing to hit female skateboarding history.  Another “newpro” is Jessica Krause. I haven’t seen or heard of her yet but what she has is flow and style, which are of utmost importance in skateboarding.  Plus she was wearing a brazier while skateboarding so add in sexy to that category.  Pulling fs airs and shuvits and heelflips over the hip, Krause is definitely a skater to look out for in the future.  The future of female skateboarding looks brighter then ever this year and it’s purely awesome just to be a part of it.  So go skateboard already. 


Final Standings:

1. Elissa Streamer

2. Vanessa Torres

3. Amy Caron

4. Lauren Perkins

5. Lauren Mollica

6. Elizabeth Nieto

7. Jessica Krause

8. Lyn-Z-Adams Hawkins

9. Alison Matasi

10. Jayme Erikson

[Clip] Vanessa Torres Kickflip

[Clip] Elizabeth Nieto Heelflip

[Clip] Jessica Krause FS Air & 50-50 Grind