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X-Games XI Girls Street Finals

X-Games XI Girls Street Finals
Article and Photes by Quynh Le
Aug 6-It was bloody hot at the Staples Center in Downtown Smogville, also known
as Los Angeles.  I showed up to check out the girl's skate street contest on the converted course.  It was like Dali showed up and made everything upside down, inclines upon inclines,
and geometric layouts worthy of your geometry's teachers math lessons.
So, what's new? Well, 15 year old Evelien Bouillart, who took second, is new.  And, Marissa
Del Santos, who looks like Harry Potter's female alter-ego, is new.  She's 18 years old.  If I saw her on the street, I would have thought she was a Spelling-Bee contestant, not the first
girl ever to pull off a lipslide down 10 stairs in a contest and make it look like a stroll in your local park.  And ofcourse, 30 years young Elissa Steamer, taking 1st place like she did last
year, pulling off her nollie shifty, 5-0 10 stair ledge grind, 10 stair kickflip, nose grinds, etc. Unlike last year, she didn't puke in front of some bushes where I was sitting near last year.
Guess she's sober now!  Good for her!
What else?  Yeah, X-Games is totally commercial.  The Elissa earned $2000 for her efforts and Paul Rodriguez, first place for the men's, earned $50,000.  I know, girls aren't as gnarly but
why $2000?  That's insulting! At least $4-5 grand right?  Elissa has been killing it (and herself)
for over 15 years!  Give her some knee surgery repair money, jee-loueeze!
Well, Vanessa showed up late, tried to play catch-up, and without practice,  boardslid and slammed right onto the back of her head! KLONK!  I even heard it up in the stands. Overall,
the three girls above represent us well and have dedicatd their lives to skateboarding so that
we can all see what's possible on a skateboard, whether male or female. It's all commitment
and courage...and lots of icing in between.  Keep on practicing!
Final Standing:
1. Elissa Steamer
2. Evelien Bouilliart
3. Marissa Del Santo
4. Lauren Perkins
5. Amy Caron
6. Vanessa Torres
7. Lyndsey Adams-Hawkins
8. Patiane Freitas