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Hello Kitty Boardfest '05


Hello Kitty Boardfest '05
Article and Photos by Quynh Le

Can you believe HELLO KITTY sponsored a girl's skate competition?  She's not exactly known
for her roughness, being the cute kitty that she is.  So, it's just that more neat that on the
Hello Kitty Girl's Surfing & Skateboading Boadfest (  over Labor Day
weekend was fun and memorable.  I was one of the skate instructors teaching about 40 girls and women of all ages to learn to skate.  The next generation of girl skaters, and some future
prodigies, were right under my nose.  Future looks bright for girl's skateboarding.
About the contest, there were 13 girls entered.  The one to look out for is Lacey Baker who
does hardflips over banks.  Yeah, hardflips are HARD.  Hence the name.  But, she landed it
about 10 times in practice. Cakewalk for her.  Stephanie Thomas does technical tricks:
nolie heelflips, nollie boardslides, kickflip down a steep, steep bank, nose manuals in strange
inclines, and so on. Then, Ariel Lockshaw put a line together that she worked on for at least
10 hours in practice. She's very well-rounded and gifted skater. Eva Jackson plays club soccer
and her powerful legs allowed her to do switch tricks. Not to mention, she loves old school freestyling and starts off with rail stands and some fancy footwork! YEAH! I love old school...ballet on a wheels!  Some great skate legends were out to support the girls by juding the event: especially the VOICE OF SKATEBOARDING Dave Duncan and the indescribable
Christian Hosoi!  I heard the event will be held again next year so look out! Anyways, Lacy
Baker skates like she's a guy...that's a good androynous!
Most importantly, Hello Kitty herself came out and boy, was her head big.  I tried hugging
her and only got one arm around her whiskers! But she was cute as a pickle!
The Contest Results are:
1. Lacy Baker
2. Ariel Lockshaw
3. Stehanie Thomas
4. Rebecca Styropoulous
5. Eva Jackson
6. Mandy Eschmann
Reporting out from another wonderful girl's skateboarding event, and oh..., don't forget to
go out and get some yourself...practice, practice, practice!

Stephanie Thomas kickflip

Stephanie Thomas heelflip

Eva Jackson ollie

Ariel Lockshaw kickflip

Alyssa 50-50 grind